Why Raubi?

Fruit Juices have always been a family favorite throughout the Middle East region for their sweet and refreshing qualities. Cool fruit drinks are often served to guests as a welcoming gesture in social gatherings.

Raubi logo

Raubi was born as the fruit juice brand a FMCG company in 2012. The unmatched quality, fresh taste, and wide variety of flavours quickly garnered the market’s attention and helped the brand grow throughout the Middle East. The Raubi product range currently consists of 10 different flavors in a number of unique and convenient packaging styles.

Pomegranate Fruit

All Raubi juices are made from the most prime fruits handpicked at the peak of their ripeness from only the most trusted farms and orchards across the globe. Famous for its refreshing taste and unique variety of flavours, Raubi’s popularity has continued to grow throughout the Middle East region.

Raubi has been popular for inspiring its customers with fresh new tastes and flavours. We are constantly experimenting with new fruit combinations to ensure we are on the cutting edge of the industry. To enable our consumers to enjoy our juices whenever they want a refreshing, fruity drink, we’ve created a number of unique and convenient packages including Glass, PET, and Tetrapack. Raubi’s elegant packaging ensures the perfect combination of taste and convenience. For the ultimate flavour adventure, Raubi’ recommends that our premium juices are served chilled.

Regrape bottle scenery

Our most recent and refreshing addition to our product line is the Raubi Sparkling range. This innovative product offers a sparkling, bubbly sensation with the same great Raubi taste. It’s proven popular with the Middle East market and we are happy to experience unprecedented demand throughout the region.


The Raubi product line has all the right products to quench anyone’s thirst. Our fruits are handpicked from only the best farms and orchards around the world. This intricate process ensures that every fruit meets the Raubi taste, fragrance, and color standards that we strive for.