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To enable our consumers to enjoy our juices whenever they want a refreshing, fruity drink, we’ve created a number of unique and convenient packages including Glass, PET, and Tetrapack. Raubi’s elegant packaging ensures the perfect combination of taste and convenience. For the ultimate flavour adventure, Raubi recommends that our premium juices are served chilled.

Classic Raubi

Raubi Easy Carry

Raubi Quick Pick

PET bottle 275ml.
PET Bottle 1 litre
Juice carton container 200ml.
Juice carton container 1 litre
Glass bottle 275ml.
Glass bottle 1 Litre

Classic Raubi is the main staple of the Raubi product range. The elegant glass bottle is unmistakable and has set the standard for the Raubi brand.

Raubi PET is a great way to enjoy Raubi on the go. The PET bottles are designed to be durable, sustainable, and easy to carry, ensuring convenience on the move.

Raubi Tetrapack is specially designed for families who love Raubi. The fun filled packages come in both family sizes and individual sizes.

Raubi Sparkling

Raubi Water

Raubi Water Logo
Raubi Sparkling Logo

Raubi Sparkling offers the same great Raubi taste with the addition of carbonated bubbles for a sparkling sensation.

Raubi Water offers the purest form of high quality mountain spring water from the peaks of the Taurus Mountain Range in Turkey.